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At Emirates Gateway Security, we are the architects of safety in a world that demands unwavering vigilance. As a subsidiary of Alpha Dhabi Holding, we bring forth a legacy of securing peace of mind across the UAE and beyond. Our expertise in security solutions is not just about guarding premises but about upholding a promise – a promise of safety, reliability, and excellence.

Abdul Salam Al Khazraji - CEO

Vision, Commitment, and the Path Forward

As CEO of Emirates Gateway, our push towards global leadership in security is powered by our commitment to innovation and quality. We actively shape a future integrating safety, sustainability, and Emiratization, leveraging UAE's Armed Forces' strength and earning global trust. Emirates Gateway embodies a comprehensive security vision, leading with a strategy that harmonizes our local roots with global aspirations, emphasizing client and community dedication.

In the dynamic global scene, Emirates Gateway views change as an opportunity, focusing on strategic foresight and patience to pioneer in the security domain. Our dedication to client success underpins our efforts to lead with safety, innovation, and excellence, ensuring we remain ahead, prepared for tomorrow's challenges.

At Emirates Gateway, our journey is fuelled by a profound commitment to our nation and its future. As we stand at the forefront of security and innovation, we pledge to safeguard our community, upholding the UAE's vision of peace, sustainability, and prosperity. Let us move forward together, fortified by trust and unity, toward a safer tomorrow. Join us in this noble mission, as we dedicate ourselves to the well-being of our country and its people, ensuring a hopeful and secure future for all.

Security Ecosystem

Emirates Gateway integrates diverse security divisions, each expertly focusing on areas like training, technology, consultancy, and logistics. These units collaborate to provide comprehensive security solutions, ensuring unparalleled protection and service quality across the UAE. Together, they embody our dedication to security excellence, united for excellence.

Training Division

Committed to excellence, our Training Division upskills security personnel through rigorous programs, ensuring they're equipped to handle complex security challenges.

Technology Division

At the forefront of security technology, this division delivers cutting-edge surveillance systems, advanced cybersecurity measures, and state-of-the-art security infrastructure.

Security Division

This division encompasses our core security services, providing round-the-clock guard services, emergency response, and strategic security management.

Logistics Division

Specializing in the seamless integration of security logistics, this division ensures the efficient movement and protection of assets across various sectors.

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