A Legacy of Security Excellence and Innovation

Security Excellence and Innovation

Who We Are

As the primary protector of critical infrastructure and military establishments, Emirates Gateway plays a crucial role in maintaining the UAE's security integrity. Our operations, ranging from local initiatives to global engagements, embody our vision of being a beacon of security expertise.

Operational Excellence and Corporate Responsibility

Championing Emiratization

Emirates Gateway embraces Emiratization, fostering UAE national employment through strategic recruitment and professional growth. Our efforts fortify our industry presence and support national development.


We are committed to the UAE's COP28 goals, integrating eco-friendly practices and innovative tech in our security solutions.

Safety Measures

We implement thorough safety training, conduct regular audits, and follow strict health standards to ensure the safety of our team and those we serve.

Security Ecosystem

Diverse Divisions United for Excellence
Emirates Gateway integrates diverse security divisions, each expertly focusing on areas like training, technology, consultancy, and logistics. These units collaborate to provide comprehensive security solutions, ensuring unparalleled protection and service quality across the UAE.

Our Certifications

Take Action: Secure Tomorrow

Embrace sustainability, expertise, and safety with our leading-edge security solutions. Contact us to safeguard your operations and contribute to a safer, greener UAE.

Emirates Gateway

Founded in 2007 and proudly part of Alpha Dhabi Holding, Emirates Gateway stands as a fortress of security expertise in the UAE. Our inception was driven by the ambition to craft a complete spectrum of security measures, from expert personnel training and deployment to high-tech monitoring and surveillance operations. 

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