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Security excellence, united for excellence.

Emirates Gateway integrates diverse security divisions, each expertly focusing on areas like training, technology, consultancy, and logistics. These units collaborate to provide comprehensive security solutions, ensuring unparalleled protection and service quality across the UAE. 

Emirates Gateway Divisions

Security Division

Empowering Excellence through Specialized Security Training

Tailored programs to enhance the skills of security personnel, focusing on realistic scenarios and advanced techniques for effective response and decision-making.

Technology Division

Innovating for a Secure Tomorrow with Advanced Technologies

Cutting-edge security technologies designed to protect and monitor, integrating AI, surveillance, and cybersecurity for comprehensive protection.

Consultancy Services

Expert Guidance to Navigate Complex Security Landscapes

Strategic advice and risk management solutions, helping organizations navigate security challenges with expert insights and tailored planning.

Logistics & Asset Protection

Ensuring Integrity and Safety in Security Logistics

Secure transportation and asset protection services, ensuring safe, efficient logistics management and safeguarding valuable resources.

Security Division

This division encompasses our core security services, providing round-the-clock guard services, emergency response, and strategic security management.

Emirates Gateway offers a comprehensive suite of security solutions tailored to diverse sectors. From rapid emergency response teams and strategic security management for corporate settings to specialized services for the oil & gas industry and military support, EGSS ensures optimal protection and peace of mind. Our expertise extends to border security, hospitality, retail, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and residential security, providing round-the-clock safety. With dedicated event security and executive protection, we prioritize client needs, ensuring customized, robust security strategies for every operational environment.

Technology Division

At the forefront of security technology, this division delivers cutting-edge surveillance systems, advanced cybersecurity measures, and state-of-the-art security infrastructure.

The Technology Division at Emirates Gateway is dedicated to advancing security and communication technologies. We offer critical communication solutions, including advanced wireless coverage and emergency systems, tailored for mission-critical operations in defence, oil & gas, and other industries. Our expertise in system integration ensures seamless functionality and management of sophisticated security infrastructures, leveraging state-of-the-art equipment to enhance operational efficiency and safety.

Consultancy Services

Emirates Gateway Consultancy Division delivers unparalleled expertise in security and risk management across various sectors. Our offerings include Security Advisory Services, ensuring compliance with best practices and standards; comprehensive Risk and Threat Assessments to identify and mitigate potential threats; specialized Security Consultancy for Logistics; and Cybersecurity strategies to combat digital threats. We also provide Physical Security Design, Business Continuity Planning, Security Training Program Development, and Regulatory Compliance and Audits. Our approach aims to fortify organizational resilience, ensuring operational continuity and safeguarding against evolving security challenges.

Logistics & Asset Protection

Specializing in the seamless integration of security logistics, this division ensures the efficient movement and protection of assets across various sectors.

The Logistics Division at Emirates Gateway offers secure transportation and logistics for valuable assets and hazardous materials. Tailored for safe handling and delivery with advanced security, armored vehicles, and skilled personnel, our service guarantees protection and efficiency. We meet the diverse needs of sectors requiring secure transport of commodities, documents, and more, ensuring seamless operations and security for all transactions.

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